If something could go wrong…….

28 Jul


Got off to a good Start.  Left on time.  No problems at the border.  Got to the parking area okay.  Good shuttle over to the airport.  We were plenty early as planned.  Got thru security without any issues.

That is when things started to fall apart.  As we were sitting in our gate area, it started to rain outside, really rain.  Thunder, lightning!!!  It poured.  They announced that our plane had been diverted to Cleveland, so we could expect a delay.    It turned into a three hour delay.  Because even once the plane was there, they had to look for pilots.  Finally, we took off.  Four and a half hours later we arrived in Seattle.  The staff was very helpful with wheelchairs, etc.  But we needed to take the elevator to baggage pick-up and wouldn’t you know it, the elevator broke down and we had to wait until someone came to fix it.  Finally, we got our baggage and then got our shuttle to the hotel.  Family members were at the hotel waiting for us to arrive.  3 hour time difference.  Carol slept on the plane, but I did not.  Got a lot of reading done though.

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