so what happened…

24 Jul

So what happened to July 20th, 21st and 22nd?  No postings from me.  Well…..I was working.  Those 12 hour work days don’t leave much time for anything else.  Once I get home and have a bite to eat, it leaves maybe an hour before I am ready for bed.  Sleeping has not been easy for me lately.  My carpal tunnel has been acting up something fierce.  Last night, for example, I got up three times to sit up and wait for the pain to go away.  Seems funny, but once I am in an upright position, the pain slowly starts to dissipate.  I am usually up for about 45 mintues to an hour each time I get up.  Sometimes I turn on the TV, sometimes I read.  The surgery to correct the carpal tunnel issue is scheduled for September 10th.  Just day surgery.  A local anesthetic and a short surgery.  It is my right wrist.  The one I use for my computer mouse.  The doctor said that it won’t take long to heal.  I’ll take a pic and post it to show all the gory details. 

Today was another hot one.  Windy, too.  Went for a couple of bike rides.  Outlined the garden bed that stretches along side the house.  I need to get some more perennials to plant now that the garden is sort of set out.  I keep thinking that it is a work in progress.

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