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Scenic drive

Got off to an early start today. From Portland, we drove west to the coast.  Our first destination was Tillamook.  This is a big cheese producing area.  We toured one of the factories.  After that, we started on a scenic drive that ran right along basically right along the shoreline.  Very rugged in places and very sandy in other places. Staying at a bed and breakfast tonight.

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We have arrived in Portland.  It is 3 PM.  This area is not too far from Mt. St. Helen’s.  We saw a lot of signs for it as we were driving thru the southern part of Washington.

Drove downtown in Portland.  Quite an interesting city.  Portland’s riverfront park and numerous winding green ways show that this mini metropolis is not a smokestack town, but a community that values art and nature as highly as commerce.  Portland has more movie theaters, restaurants, microbreweries andbookstores per capita than any other U.S. city.  We ate supper at JAKE’S FAMOUS CRAWFISH.  Quite the place.

One sad thing was very evident — the large number of homeless people in the downtown core area.  Reminded me of Toronto.

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so long Seattle…….

Getting ready to leave Seattle.  Heading down to Portland, Oregon, today.

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Today is market day

Going to the market today.  Pike’s Place Market is quite the place!!!!  Very busy place.  Full of colors, smells and sounds.  Alot of people watching today.  Supper was at Ivar’s Acres of Clams.


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Pretty lush in Seattle

The drought that has affected so much of the rest of the country is not evident in Seattle.  Very green everywhere here.  Yesterday we took ferry over to Bainbridge Island and spent the day there.  Went to a bluegrass festival.  Had good time driving around looking at the homes and the gardens.

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If something could go wrong…….


Got off to a good Start.  Left on time.  No problems at the border.  Got to the parking area okay.  Good shuttle over to the airport.  We were plenty early as planned.  Got thru security without any issues.

That is when things started to fall apart.  As we were sitting in our gate area, it started to rain outside, really rain.  Thunder, lightning!!!  It poured.  They announced that our plane had been diverted to Cleveland, so we could expect a delay.    It turned into a three hour delay.  Because even once the plane was there, they had to look for pilots.  Finally, we took off.  Four and a half hours later we arrived in Seattle.  The staff was very helpful with wheelchairs, etc.  But we needed to take the elevator to baggage pick-up and wouldn’t you know it, the elevator broke down and we had to wait until someone came to fix it.  Finally, we got our baggage and then got our shuttle to the hotel.  Family members were at the hotel waiting for us to arrive.  3 hour time difference.  Carol slept on the plane, but I did not.  Got a lot of reading done though.

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injury at work

Yesterday, I sustained an injury at work.  A big metal tank (on wheels) came up behind me and slammed into the back of my left foot.  Thank God for good, heavy-duty work boots.  But I figured that I still probably had a gash on the heel of that foot.  Since it was towards the end of my shift, I figured that I would look at it when I changed out of work boots at the end of the work day.  I was pleased to find that there was NO gash, no blood.  But there was indication (discolouration) of an obvious bruise.  Last night, the discomfort turned to near pain.  Although I slept pretty good, it was not easy walking around this morning at first.  The more I moved around the easier it became.  However, I think that I had better go up to the hospital this morning and have some ex-rays taken.  This afternoon, I have my yearly physical, too.  See what the doc has to say.

The rest of the day is going to be spent packing and getting ready for our trip to Seattle and the west coast.  We fly out tomorrow, both of us limping aboard the plane.

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