19 May

Well….the walk in the woods helped restore some peace of mind on Friday.  The weather was great.  A little cool early on, but quickly warmed up.  A walk thru Joany’s Woods was just what the doctor ordered. The most common birds seen in the woods today were INDIGO BUNTING and GREAT CRESTED FLYCATCHER.and BLUE-WINGED WARBLER.  I was hoping for a CUCKOO (either species, or both!!!), but no such luck. Leaving Joany’s, I glanced over at the pond at the where Boothill Road and Elliot Road come together (just before turning onto the road into Joany’s) and there I saw two SANDHILL CRANES, quite close to the road, right at the edge of the water.  They were just slowly picking there way along, not in any particular hurry.  A pair of NORTHERN ORIOLES were in a tree just about the CRANES.  And a YELLOW WARBLER was singing its heart out right at the edge of the road.  I had brought along my camera, but UNFORTUNATELY I had left the battery behind in the charger.  DAMN!!!!!  

As I was returning home, I decided to stop at the used bookstore in Slyvan.  I have passed this place by so many times in my life, but have never stopped before.  And was I glad I did.  Bob Lewis, the owner, explained that he is closing down the bookstore.  So he is having a 60% off sale, this month, a 70% off sale next month and a 80% off sales the month after.  He wants to get rid of all his inventory.  I found some old alphabet books, featuring different fancy type faces.  They may have been mine at one point, because I know that I owned copies of these books at one time.  And one of the books had the name “Barb Howorth” inscribed on the front over cover.  Barb used to work for me at time years ago when I operated a print shop in Petrolia.  Barb was quite a unique artist.  And I probably gave or loaned the books to her at some point.  Barb passed away several years ago.  And it was a bit of a shock to come across her name and the books like that.  I took this picture of a bookmark that Bob Lewis was giving away.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, workers have laid the footings for the house that will be built right next to ours.  And so the work begins.

My son flew in from Vancouver for a meeting with the people from the Sarnia Art Gallery to lay out plans for his show there in the fall.  Very busy day.  More of the same for Saturday and Sunday. 

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  1. Bob Zeller

    May 19, 2012 at 1:02 pm

    Great father and son shot, Dave. 🙂

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