17 May

I don’t think I have ever been lost in the physical sense.  I have taken the wrong road here and there and ended up somewhere I was not expecting tp be, but never a panicky feeling of being lost.  But there are times when I have felt lost mentally and emotionally.  I think that is probably a common thing for most people.  We just go thru periods when things just don’t seem right.  We don’t feel like we are on the right track.  Keeping busy helps, but the mind wanders; thoughts and memories seem to crowd and swirl around in your head.  But you just have to stay focused.  So live life to the fullest the best you can, and cling to the things that bring you comfort and peace, even if you feel a touch of sadness now and then.

Tomorrow I have the day off.  Think I will spend the morning in the woods somewhere.  I need to find a trail to walk.

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