“Me” Days

01 May

Every once in while, a “me” day is just what the doctor orders.  A chance to spend the whole day doing what you want and not having to worry about schedules, time-tables, etc.  But sometimes, when a “me” day is planned, things don’t work out.  First of all, there are so many such days available, due to work schedules, other appointments, etc.  So you choose a day and hope for the best.  And then the weather forecast changes and it rains all day, or the phone rings and something “comes up” that ends up taking priority and so much for your “me” day.  If you have had a “me” recently, I hope it worked out for you.  And if you are planning one in the near future, here’s hoping that nothing gets in the way. I know that my “me” days generally turn out to be half days.  It seems to be very difficult to find an entire day to devote to the things that you like to do the most.

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