Good Friday in the woods

07 Apr

I have Friday, Saturday and Sunday off work this weekend.  So Friday, I got up and headed over to Clark Wright Conservation Area.  I have always liked this place.  It isn’t a large conservation area.  The trails are easy.  But it is close to home and I have been there so often, I have memories of the place that will last a lifetime. 

Friday was clear, bright and sunny.  A  little on the cool side, but what the heh.  Someone was cutting up wood just outside the east side of the conservation area.  The sound of the chainsaw filled the air.  Too much of that going on everywhere you look.  As if trees don’t have any rights. 

It is still a little early for much migration, but some things have started to arrive.  And yesterday, I heard and saw my F(irst) O(f) Y(ear) RUFOUS-SIDED TOWHEES and BROWN THRASHER.  A pair of WOOD DUCKS and a pair of CANADA GEESE were noted in the pond at the back of the area.  KINGLETS and CREEPERS were moving thru the woods. 

From there, I headed up to the Pinery Provincial Park.  I was going to head to Joany’s Woods, but chaned my mind at the last minute and ended up at the Pinery.  As I always do when heading to the Pinery, I stopped at Timmies for coffee in Parkhill.  I drove around the 8 km one-way loop and then headed over to the visitor’s centre.  TUFTED TITMOUSE, PINE SISKEN and FOX SPARROW were seen in this area.  I stopped to take some pictures.

The weather was absolutely gorgeous. 

After leaving the Pinery, I slowly meandered my way back home.

Saturday morning was relaxing.  Leisurely breakfast and coffee, while listening to Echoes, then NPR Saturday Morning News followed by Take Five (a jazz and blues show on WCMU Public Radio).  A great way to spend a Saturday morning.  And then when I looked out back, this guy was swimming around in the pond behind our place.

Not as clear and bright as I'd like, but it was some ways off and this is the best I could do.

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  1. Bob Zeller

    April 7, 2012 at 11:38 am

    Great pictures, Dave, especially the Tufted Titmouse. Happy Easter. 🙂

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