13:53 hrs. – Clark Wright Conservation Area

12 Mar

This morning I decided to make a quick trip over to Clark Wright Conservation Area.  This the first time this year that I have been to Clark Wright.  The last couple of springs, the place was VERY wet and muddy.  Portions of the trails were completely submerged.  But this sping has been exceedingly dry.  And since the Strathroy Conservation Trails are in such good shape, I thought that it would be interesting to see how the Clark Wright trails were faring.  And the weatherman said that rain was on the way, so it was just a quick jaunt. 

The predominant bird present seemed to be the NORTHERN CARDINAL.  They were everywhere.  Perching high in places.  And vocalizing continually.  AMERICAN ROBINS were numerous.  However, over-all, there were not alot of species evident today.  BLUE JAYS and CROWS, of course.  A couple of TURKEY VULTURES flew overhead.  One lone MOURNING DOVE.  A CHICKADEE.  And DARK-EYED JUNCOS were around as well.

The most interesting sighting was of a dead GREAT HORNED OWL.  Somewhere along the line, I remember being told that GREAT HORNED OWLS don’t have any natural enemies.  The bird looked to be quite intact.and showed no signs of decay.  So it was quite fresh.  I am guessing that it died last night.  Even though owls are obviously good night-time fliers, is it possible that it flew into a limb or branch and broke its neck??  Perhaps it died of some disease.  It will remain a mystery.

In a side note, I heard that a good-sized deer was seen near Burn’s Street here in Strathroy.  I can just imagine this deer jumping around from one back-yard to the next, hopping over fences and wandering down the street.  Must have been quite a sight.


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  1. Ben skinner

    March 13, 2012 at 11:46 pm

    Cool find Dad. I wish you had scooped him up and brought to a local taxidermist. Probably would only cost a couple hundred bucks. Cool trophy to have as it seems to have died of natural causes, however mysterious.

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