13:08 – wild and free morning and 19:42 – still awake

05 Mar

My “wild and free” morning was basically spent in the dentist chair in Sarnia.  When I was done, I drove over to the Sarnia bay and put by binoculars to work checking out the water there.  Did not spend a lot of time looking everything over, but I did notice about 7 or 8 GREATER BLACK-BACKED GULLS. 

No surprises there.  But you just never know when something unexpected will come your way.  Right out of the blue.

Still awake.  But heading to bed early.  Carol checks into the hospital at 6 AM.  That means getting up at 4:30.  And surgery is estimated to take 2 ½ hrs.  Then a period of recovery.  And one or possibly 2 nights at the hospital.  So this week will certainly be a busy one.

Things just come right at ya out of no-where it seems and knock your breath out.

One final note for today.  My very special watch is now keeping good time again.  Amazing what a new battery will do.

Just adding this update on the 11th.  Went to the Conservation Area this morning and saw about 4 butterflies.  They were EASTERN COMMAS.  Seems early to me.  But a nice sight.

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One response to “13:08 – wild and free morning and 19:42 – still awake

  1. Sheila Skinner

    March 10, 2012 at 9:22 am

    Dave, I wanted to tell you I finally had my first Robin spotting. Tons of Cardinals this morning.

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