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16:18 hrs – i never get tired of seeing eagles

I went to bed this morning shortly after getting home from work (night shift).  But I didn’t sleep for very long.  Around 11:00 I got up and decided to head out with my camera and binoculars.  Wasn’t sure where to head.  At first, I thought about going back to Longwoods Conservation Area and walk the trails again, like I did on Monday.  On the way there, I started to see hawks, alot of hawks.  So I figrued I would just slowly drive the backroads and look for harks and other birds. 

There were alot of HORNED LARKS and SNOW BUNTINGS around.  Also, LAPLAND LONGSPURS were seen with the Buntings.  RED-TAILED HAWKS were numerous.  Twice, I saw a couple of TAILS sitting close together.  Guess it is that time of year.  Down around Melbourne, I started to encounter ROUGH-LEGGED HAWKS and NORTHERN HARRIERS.  On Hyndman Road, I saw an immature BALD EAGLE sitting in a tree, surrounded by blackbirds (quite a way off, but they didn’t look like starlings).  Then a little further on (near the SHORT-EARRED OWL site, I saw an adult BALD EAGLE.  What a beautiful bird.


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