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1827 hrs – what has happened to my friends?? – so very quiet “out there”

Very quiet “out there” today.  At least one of the SNOWY OWLS was present in the same general vicinity.  Here is a picture from this morning.

My friends will likely let me know when they aren’t busy.  So I got some reading done and put up some shelves in the garage.

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0656 hrs – start of another chapter

Yippee!!!  A couple of days off work and the weather today is supposed to be half-decent (especially for January).  Right now it is 8° C (46° F).  Amazing.  All the snow we had here in Strathroy over the weekend has now disappeared.  And a quick look at the 14 day forecast shows another week of temperatures in this range.

Last night, I finished my book.  Finally.  And today I am going to begin reading a book that I purchased (and got the author, Kenn Kaufman, to sign) in Texas.  KINGBIRD HIGHWAY.  I have long wanted to read this book, but somehow just never got around to it.  It is rated as a “classic” among birders and I sure that I will enjoy it. 

My new clothes arrived yesterday.  Here are a couple of pictures.  My new hat.

My new shirt.

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