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0901 hrs – i want to get it done

Had my eye examination in Sarnia yesterday.  The way our health care system works, OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance Program) pays for one eye exam every two years, unless you have some kind of eye disease (like cataracts-which I have) in which case eye exams once a year are covered.  My cataracts are not serious enough to warrent surgery yet.  But for monitoring purposes, my optomitrist wants to see me once a year. 

After my appointment, I stuck around the Sarnia area area and surveyed the St. Clair River for wintering ducks.  I added a few to my year list.  When Bailei got out of school, I picked her up and brought her back to Strathroy.  Her birthday is next Wednesday and we are going to invite some of her Strathroy friends over this weekend to share in some birthday cake.

Last night, I took Abby out for an hour-long walk.  We both got our excercise.  Very glad I took the walk.  The effort was worth it.

Last night I had trouble sleeping.  My carpal tunnel was REALLY acting up.  Both hands and all fingers were driving me crazy.  I got up several times.  (The discomfort goes away when I am upright – I don’t really understand why that is!!)  Finally, at 3:30 AM, I got up and turned on the TV and watched a travel show (quite interesting actually)  Then I dozed in the chair until it was light outside.

Going to install my electric garage opener today with the help of my brother-in-law.  A little cold for that kind of work, but I want to get it done.

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