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January 18, 2012 – and a lucky day it was

This morning, I left around 9:30 to drive around some backroads and look for some birds.  I had a few targets but you just never know how things will go.  I started off over at Delaware where quite a number of BALD EAGLES have been reported lately.  I stuck out here.  Although I did glimpse a rather “largish” bird flying behind some trees and then disappearing.

From there I drove some backroads over towards Melbourne and Hyndman/Switzer Roads.  There were a couple of NORTHERN HARRIERS, RED-TAILED and ROUGH-LEGGED HAWKS in the area.  Also at least one (and maybe two) immature BALD EAGLES (I’m guessing 3rd year birds).  There were a few small flocks of SNOW BUNTNGS and HORNED LARKS here, too. 

From here I drove over to an area west of Newbury and south of Shetland Conservation Area (Kerry Road, between Biltmore Line and Bentpath Line) where a MOUNTAIN BLUEBIRD was seen yesterday by my friend, Pete Chapman.  (Way to go, Pete!!!!!!)  This is the second time that Pete has located a MOUNTAIN BLUEBIRD in southwestern Ontario.  The first time was practically in his backyard (back in the 1980″s) and that bird hung around for quite some time.  Well following Pete’s directions, I saw the MOUNTAIN BLUEBIRD and the female EASTERN BLUEBIRD in the same area that Pete saw it yesterday. 

At this point, I thought I better head for home.  But then I thought, why not go have a look for the SNOWY OWL out on Seed Road near Strathroy first.  And I saw a SNOWY OWL out in the field where I have seen it several times this year.  There was a huge flock (1,500 +) of SNOW BUNTINGS swirling around and landing in the field all around where the SNOWY OWL was sitting.  Made me think of the owl sitting on the tundra up in the arctic with SNOW BUNTINGS nesting nearby.  Maybe she had a chance to say “Hello” to an old friend.  And then leaving there and heading back down Egremont Road, I found a second SNOWY (this one much darker).

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January 18, 2012 – wish me luck

I have been looking forward to today.  Haven’t had much of a  chance to get out for the past week.  Between work and house activities, I have been pretty busy.  But  I have set today aside to get out with my binoculars and my camera, drive off onto some back roads and see what I can find.  I want to check out one or two areas where there should be Bald Eagles; I have directions to an area where a female Mountain Bluebird was seen yesterday (not too far from here) and of course I will be keeping my eyes open for Snowies (owls and buntings), Longspurs, hawks, etc.

The weather has been strange lately.  After being so very cold on the weekend, it turned quite mild and rainy for the past couple of days.  Then yesterday, it turned cold again and very windy.  Not sure about today, but I expect sunny and cold.

Wish me luck.

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