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January 6, 2012 – sunrise (and surprise) this morning

I am basically a “morning person”.  By that, I mean that I generally get up around 6 AM.  Have a coffee.  Watch a little morning news on TV and then check my favourite internet pages and my emails.

This morning, when I turned on CNN at 6 AM to watching “American Morning”, I found myself looking at a couple of unfamiliar faces.  Even the set looked different.  Where was Ali Velshi, Christine Roman and Carol Costello, the co-anchors of “American Morning”?  At first, I thought maybe they were having technical difficulties and they were picking an alternative broadcast from one of their affiliate stations.  But as I watched, it occurred to me that was not the case.  So I turned to Google and checked it out.  It seems that CNN has changed their programming.  “American Morning” has been terminated.  And was replaced with “Getting Started” (6-7 AM), followed by “Starting Point” (7-9 AM).  The co-hosts of “Getting Started” are Ashleigh Banfield and Zoraida Sambolin.  The host of “Starting Point” is Soledad O’Brian, a regular special program news anchor.  Christine Romans has been relegated from co-host to reading news headlines for Soledad.  Ali Velshi and Carol Costello are gone (terminated??) from CNN as their has been no mention of their having been re-assigned to any other role.

Interesting change.  It prompts me to wonder — WHY?  “American Morning” was an excellent source for morning news.  Well-presented.  Pertinent with gifted co-hosts.  I’m sure like in any other large organization, there are political intrigues and power shifts and that is what resulted in the change.  Justifications can be created and backed up by the managerial power brokers. 

So GOOD_BYE Ali and Carol.  And good luck on your future endeavors.

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