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December 19, 2011 – bald eagles

Most people are quite busy at this time of year.  Christmas holidays.  Cleaning. Shopping.  Their jobs.  (Some even have more than one job.)  Even no answer on the telephone.  But my morning and mid-day was relatively free, so I decided to drive around a bit and see what I could find.  And would you believe it, no less than 12 BALD EAGLES in the flat flooded area just west of Delaware.  I guess the flooded rivers (we have had an awful lot of rain lately) created conditions that caused fish to be trapped in the shallow, flooded field.  And since BALD EAGLES just love fish, it was like ringing the dinner bell.  Not sure where they all come from.  But there they were.  I imagine once the fish are gone, the Eagles will be gone, too.  Should have taken my camera.

Also, drove up Seed and down School Roads looking for SNOWY OWLS.  No luck there.

Sort of in a waiting mode.  Moving into the new house won’t begin until late Wednesday afternoon.  And in the mean-time, there is not much that can to be done.  So reading (a visit from the goon squad by jennifer egan), watching TV(detective shows taped on the PVR), listening to the radio (yesterday I listened to the classical radio show, Tempo, on the CBC, usually hosted by Julie Nesrallah, one hot-looking  babe, but yesterday hosted by, was it Tim Tamashiro??, great presentation of classical music)  and wandering the back-roads are keeping me busy.  Thursday will be spent unpacking and getting settled in.  Come Friday, more un-packing.  But I will feel like getting out for a bit.  After all, I don’t want to spend all my time working.  LOL

And looking WAY ahead into next week.  The only day I have something planned is Tuesday, the 27th.  On that day, I will be participating in the Wallaceburg Christmas Bird Count.

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