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December 14, 2011 – late night trip to the hospital

Yesterday evening I drove into London for a retirement gathering of some guys I used to work with at Nova Chemicals.  Two fellows I used to work with were retiring and co-workers gathered to send them off.  Alot of familiar faces.  I retired from Nova two years ago and it was good to see everyone again.  I never miss these special gatherings.

I didn’t stay late and was only there for about 2 hours.  When I got home I watched a little TV and then went off to bed at 10 PM.  Carol stayed up, wrapping Christmas presents.  At 10:30, I heard Carol call me.  She had cut her finger pretty bad on the glass of the picture frame she was working on.  I got dressed and we headed off to the hospital ER.  We were lucky that the ER was not busy.  She registered.  And then we sat in the waiting room until they called her in.  I stayed behind and promptly fell asleep in the chair.  Before long she was back, with three new stitches in her finger.  I drove home.  All in all, from the time we left the house to when we pulled back into the driveway, one hour had passed.  That was pretty fast all things considered.  So nice not to have to worry about paying for such services.  We, here in Canada, just take that for granted.

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