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December 12, 2011 – best laid (sp??) plans

Today was one of those days where things get turned around.  Does it ever happen to you?  I was planning to go out this morning, drive the back roads with my binoculars and camera and see what I could see.  Was going to go out early (is 9:30 AM really considered to be “early”?) because mornings are usually best for most birding activities and then take the afternoon to do some Christmas shopping.

But as things sometimes do, a flip-flop came dancing along and I ended up go shopping in the morning (actually a good time as there are less people about – a very successful outing), and then I went out this afternoon and drove thru the near-by countryside looking around to see what birds might turn up.  Hoping for another SNOWY OWL.  But no such luck.  However, there were LOTS of SNOW BUNTINGS to be seen.  One pretty big flock of maybe 1,000 birds, and a smaller flock of maybe 250 birds.  There were quite a number of RED-TAILED HAWKS in the area.  And a real nice, male NORTHERN HARRIER put on a special show.

This evening I divided my time between watching THE CLOSER (final year of this great detective show on the SuperChannel) and organizing the membership of the 2012 Board of Management for the Mount Brydges United Church. This involves alot of telephone work.  Calling and checking with people to see if they might be willing to give up one evening a month to sit with approximately 12 other people, talk about church activities and make decisions about the worshipful work of the church. 

Pretty busy day all in all.

Tomorow, is another day off work.  I have no plans at this point.  But I sure that I will come up with something.  Not like me to just sit around.  Even if I spend part of my day reading and listening to music, I will still find some time to get to a conservation area, or drive a nearby back-road.  One thing I am definitely going to do is to take my thumb-drive over to Wal-mart and print some pictures of some of the birds from my Texas trip. 

I’m working Wednesday and Thursday.  Alac and alas.  But I am looking forward to Friday, Saturday and Sunday. No work.

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