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December 7, 2011 – snowy owl in a field along the kimbal sideroad

This morning was superb.  As planned, I left the house fairly early – 8:30 AM.  I drove up to Seed Road and looked for SNOWY OWLS.  No luck here.  Then I drove into Sarnia and followed the St. Clair River down to Sombra.  I always enjoy driving along the river, especially in the winter.  It is even better when there is alot of ice as ducks, swans, geese and gulls congregate and make for fairly easy viewing.

From here, I headed towards Wallaceburg, driving along the back roads.  In one of the fields, there were about 25 TUNDRA SWANS milling about.  That was certainly a nice sight.  I was hoping to catch sight of some SANDHILL CRANES as I’ve heard that they are in the area.  But I find them.

From Wallaceburg, I drove north on the Kimbal Sideroad.  A beautiful SNOWY OWL was spotted along here out in the middle of a field.  I took this picture of the owl.

There have been numerous sightings of SNOWY OWLS in southwestern Ontario this fall/winter.  Every 4 or 5 years it seems there is a shortage of food in their home turf and many of these beautiful creatures head south.  It appears that this may be one of those years. 

From there, I continued north to Bentpath Line and headed over towards the Shetland Conservation Area.  The gate was locked so I walked the long driveway back into the park area.  And a real nice sight back in there.

Also saw numerous RED-TAILED HAWKS and a few ROUGH-LEGGED HAWKS perched and flying along the fields and back-roads on the way back to Strathroy.  A very memorable morning.


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December 7, 2011 – excited this morning

Yesterday, my boss came around to my work area and asked if I wanted to work (over-time) on my regular two days off (Wednesday and/or Thursday).  I didn’t have to think about it very long.  And my answer was a quick and resounding “NO”.  I cherish my time off.  It is definitely needed in order to get things done and fit in some “personal” time, especially at this busy time of the year.

And meanwhile, at the “new” homefront, the flooring work continues.  Anyone, that has had flooring done, knows what is involved in this.  But I am amazed at how quickly the work progresses.  The bathroom downstairs is complete.  The kitchen floor is complete.  The bathroom floor upstairs is coming along nicely.  Next will be the hardwood.  This will be completed by the end of the week.  And in about two weeks, the kitchen will be installed.  Once that is done, it will be ready for occupancy. 

This morning, I woke up early.  I got up at 5:30 AM.  Did the dishes left from last night.  Made a cup of coffee and watched “Way too Early” and “Morning Joe” on MSNBC.  This early show is perfect for a “news junkie” like me.  Always an interesting discussion on the current events of the day. 

I am excited this morning about doing a little exploring.  I haven’t been to the Shetland Conservation Area for several years. And it has been a year since I did a river run.  And with any luck I will see Sandhill Cranes today.  I’m planning on leaving early this morning as I have some things to do around here this afternoon.

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