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December 3, 2011 – Shetland Conservation Area

Now that move #1 is over, things have quieted down.  There is basically nothing to be done, “move-wise”, until it is time for move #2, around December 21st.  So what does a guy do when it is such a nice fall/winter day?  Why, out and about, of course.  There have been lots of SNOWY OWL sightings in southwestern Ontario this year.  I have gone out several times to look for them in the Strathroy area, but nothing YET.  I do believe that one of my forays will turn one up.  Also, SANDHILL CRANES are showing up down near Wallaceburg in big numbers.  Since it is going to rain all day tomorrow, I made the most of today.  Didn’t take any pictures, though.  But it was nice checking out Longwoods Conservation Area.  Next place on my list is the Shetland Conservation Area.  I want to look here for LONG-EARED OWLS.  But tomorrow it is going to rain and I’m working Monday/Tuesday.  So either Wednesday or Thursday I will likely be heading out to see what I can find there.

I thought I’d throw in a couple more pics from Texas.  The first one is of a horse.  We were standing around on the shore of the Rio Grande River.  We heard some cow-bells from across the river.  Then a horse appeared and came down to the river to drink.  I took this picture.  Before long, however, about six more horses appeared.

This second picture was taken at a feeder station  in Salineno.  Cheryl Longton (not sure if she stays there alone) lives in a mobile home and has a real nice feeder station set up.  The place was filled with birds.  I didn’t get a real good picture of GREAT KISKADEE, but this is the best pic of one that I got.

This third picture was also taken at the feeder station in Salineno.  In this picture an ORANGE-CROWNED WARBLER was eating peanut butter that had been smeared on a tree trunk.

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