November 29, 2011 – change

29 Nov

Tonight, the last remaining odds and sods were removed from 212 Southfield Drive.  Well, one of these odds and sods was the hot tub.  The mover kept saying “Don’t worry about it.  We’ve moved hot tubs before.”  But one of the conditions of sale was that the hot tub had to be removed before November 30th.  And talk about last minute moving.  I was getting nervous.  But the movers (two men) showed up at 3:30 PM.  Then a tow truck pulled up.  On the weekend, the men had stood the hot tub up on its side.  Today we lowered it down on a skid and used a skid lifter/puller and just rolled it out of the garage.  It really seemed so simple.  The tow truck backed into the driveway.  It was the kind of tow truck with a ramp.  The wench was attached and it pulled the tub right up onto the bed of the truck.  The process was reversed over at the new house right into the garage.

Such a strange feeling walking around in the EMPTY house.  We moved into that house in 1996.  15 years this past April.  Alot of work went into that house over the years.  And not just the house.  The gardens and yard took up ALOT of my time.  But nothing lasts forever.  And now it is time for a change.

Tomorrow I go back to work.  Wednesday and Thursday.  Then I have the weekend off.  Need to sort out some of the boxes and try to find some things that have gotten buried.  Looking ahead to Friday’s weather.  A little on the cool side, but partly sunny.  Might be a good day to drive the back roads and look for birds.  If that doesn’t work out, maybe I will wait until later in the afternoon and go out looking for SHORT-EARED OWLS.  At any rate, I would like to find some time at some point on Friday to go out and look for birds.

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