October 17, 2011 – changed plans

17 Oct

Today looked promising.  Clear and sunny.  Carol was up early and left for Sarnia to pick up her daughter and head to Detroit/Windsor.  But before Carol could get to Sarnia, a big deer jumped out onto the highway right in front of her.  Carol pulled over right away.  She was not hurt.  But the car had multiple bumps and abrasions.  I cancelled my plans to head out and go hiking/birding today when she called to tell me.  Instead I drove out and picked up her.  The police were there and shortly after I arrived the tow truck came.  I brought Carol home and it wasn’t long before she crawled into bed for a nap. 

While she was sleeping I drove out to Clark Wright Conservation Area and went for a walk around the trail.  Such a beautiful day, but windy.  There were a number of TV’s soaring about overhead.  AMERICAN ROBINS and RED-WINGED BLACKBIRDS were seen flying about.  It was a short, but nice, walk.

If the weather holds, I will take more time for a longer walk tomorrow.

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