October 3, 2011 – kindling production today

04 Oct

Yesterday was a bit dreary outside.  It rained off and on, mostly in the morning.  I was up early and spent time in the morning downstairs listening to music and reading in my novel.  Once I finish reading this book, I am going to try and locate the movie video to watch.  (Click the high-lighted words for a link to the movie).  The library might have it as it is a classic, with Humphrey Bogart as Captain Queeg. 

New use for a blue box

Once the rain let up, I turned my efforts back to the garage again.  Awhile back I bought home the window screens from the cabin to be spruced up.  I replaced the sreening and applied new trim on several of them and took them back to the cabin earlier this summer.  But the rest have been in my garage for the past couple of months.  So I hauled them out and “finished the job” yesterday.  They are now ready to go back to the cabin.  Heading up there for Thanksgiving weekend.  Going to take  the trailer, with the lawn mower (yes, I have to cut the grass again!!!) and I’m going to take up as much other “stuff” as I can haul up there and will use the cabin as “temporary storage” room as preparations for our move.

For the rest of the week (including today), the weather forecast is great.  Should be good weather to get outside and do the things that need to be done.  As much as I’d like to head to Hawk Cliff today (should be a great day there), I will turn my attention to some lumber stored away under the deck and wrapped in tarps.

Good use for a garbage container

This is wood that I have been hauling around with me for quite a number of years with the thought that someday I could use it for some kind of construction project.  Well, I have finally woken up to reality.  Yes, hard to believe.  Instead of “maybe” using it someday, this afternoon, I am going to cut it all up in about 1 foot pieces and will take it up to the cabin and use it as kindling wood to help kindle (I just love to use that word) behind-the-cabin campfires and fires in the fireplace.  I was up early again this morning (5:30 AM) and this morning I am once again going to read, drink coffee, listen to music, and run a couple of errands, and then later this morning, will grab a McDonald’s coffee and head over to the dog park with Abby (she has been begging me to take her over there and let her run around with her friends).

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