September 28, 2011 – got my oil changed

28 Sep

Well so much for “nothing to do today”.  I decided to venture out since the rain was holding off and drove down to Lake Erie and the E. M. Warwick Conservation Area.  It was a nice drive, heading first down to Melbourne and the Hyndman Road area to look for Hawks and Owls.  Saw at least 4 EASTERN MEADOWLARKS, a couple of AMERICAN KESTRELS and a BALD EAGLE in this area. 

Then working south towards Lake Erie and the Conservation Area, there wasn’t much to be seen, other than the wonderful fall colours.  The Conservation Area was beautiful.  It is situated on the shores of Lake Erie.  There is a tall viewing tower that can be climbed to look out over the lake.  And there are also stairs that can be descended down to the waters’ edge.  Didn’t spend alot of time there because it was necessary to get back to town, but it was peaceful and refreshing.  On the way back to town, a NORTHERN HARRIER was observed cruising low over a field not far from Appin.

Once back in town, I headed over to the Quick Lube and got my oil changed.

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