September 22, 2011 – in control

22 Sep

out of control….controllor….control freak….lack of control….at the controls….controlling….control mechanism….

none of these sound very appealing to me.  what I really need is to be in control.

Our house inspection was conducted Wednesday.  The inspector found only minor things that the buyer will look after.  The only item that we have to undertake is to re-cap the chimney.  The brick around the chimney cap has been deteriorating over the past few years.  So we need to get that corrected and the sale will go thru.  I had a friend over today that does stone work and brick work.  He has what is needed to do the work and will come by tomorrow (as long as the rain holds off) to do the work.  I went up on the roof when I got up this afternoon and removed the old crumbling brick.  He just has to install the new brick and the cap. 

Thursday night was back to work again. 

Friday I slept until about 2 in the afternoon.  I am spending the rest of the afternoon down in my study reading my novel, THE CAINE MUTINY.  It rained most of the night and all day long.  The trails would be very wet and make traipsing around a muddy wet mess.

Saturday was a busy day.  Lots of things to do:

  • Trip to the dump.  √
  • Take Abby to the dog park BBQ.  √
  • Selectively dig up and pot particular plants from my gardens that I want to save and take to the new house.  √
  • Re-brick and cap my chimney.  √

Sunday morning (the 25th), the Strathroy Bird Club met in the parking lot of the Strathroy Seniors Centre at 8:30 and left for a trip to Hawk Cliff.  The weather today was great.  We enjoyed the morning very much, seeing:


We were back in Strathroy at 2 PM. 

Now this evening, I am headed to the church to work in the kitchen washing dishes for the Pork Dinner.  Hope it doesn’t last until late.  I am tired and I have to work tomorrow.


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  1. Carol

    September 22, 2011 at 11:21 pm

    you have to ask me first.. :>)

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