September 7, 2011 – good day at Hawk Cliff

07 Sep

Tuesday morning was spent a Hawk Cliff.  The weather was perfect for hawk watching, lots of clouds with some blue patches to let the sun thru.  Temperature was good, too.  Jacket (sweatshirt) weather.  There were about half a dozen people watching and counting.  The bulk of the sightings were SHARP-SHINNED HAWKS, with quite a number of AMERICAN KESTRELS, too.  Also, BROADWING HAWKS put in an appearance.  Saw several.  Took the back roads on the way home and stumbled across the Fingal Wildlife Management Area.  I knew about this place, but wasn’t sure how to get there.  I just have to remember it is on Scotch Line.  I will have to get back there and walk the trails one of these days.

Got home around 2:30 and started work on cleaning the deck.  Once that was done, I cut the grass in the back forty.  After supper, I went out and cut the grass in the front yard.  I guess this is the perfect weather for growing grass.  Seems like I am mowing the lawn quite often.

Today I am heading into London to get my passport and then heading over to my Bob Turner’s place to book our flight to Texas.  Will try to get a nap in this afternoon.  I have to work again tonight.

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