August 31, 2011 – keeping busy

31 Aug

Well, 2 of 14 night shifts under my belt.  Not too bad.  Time went by fairly quickly.  I got today at a little before noon.  Not much sleep, but I will probably fall asleep early tonight listening to music.  Think I will grab a coffee right now and try to shake some of the cobwebs from my head.

Going to take my trailer load of garage trash to the dump this afternoon.  So good to actually be able to get around in the garage.  A lot of the stuff I’m tossing is left-over building materials.  I have always been the kind of person that just hung onto things figuring that some day I would be able to make use of it.  But the “some day” never comes around and accumulation seems to go on and on.   All I have left to do in there is cleaning up my work bench.  And that shouldn’t take long.

Yesterday I got the front yard mowed before I headed off to work.  And when I get back from the dump this afternoon, I am going to mow the back yard and the back forty.

And then tonight, I think I will work downstairs again and work on sorting out my CD collection.

Keeping busy.  Always a lot to do.

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