just gorgeous outside, cold, but gorgeous

Think I will grab my binoculars and camera and head of onto the backroads.  Won’t be long and I might be seeing Rough-legged Hawks and Snowy Owls.  Lapland Longspurs should be around, too.  Seems there is a surprise out there, every time I head out.

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Hawk Cliff — here I come

Tomorrow, three friends from Sarnia are picking me up at 9 am and we are heading to Hawk Cliff.  I usually only get there once in the fall to look for hawks and tomorrow is the day.  My buddies have never been there before so it will be a treat for them.  Come early afternoon, we will head over to Port Stanley for a bite to eat and something to wash down the food.  Guess what that will be.

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A couple of new radio station links on the side bar

I added a couple of links for listening to internet radio on the side bar.  One is KEOS.  This is a radio station near Houston, in College Station.  Very good programming.  The other is a Louisiana radio station, Lafayette.  KRVS.  I particularly like the Friday and Saturday programming on this station.

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On the side bar, click on the arrow under Boz to hear a nice Boz Scagg’s track.

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Feels a little like fall

Last week, there was a stretch of hot, hot days.  But now we are into a stretch of cooler weather.  Chilly in the morning.  The leaves are beginning to turn colour.  Making plans to head to Hawk Cliff, an annual fall event for me.  I hope my friends are able to enjoy this season as much as I do.

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I went to Indigo Books (Chapters) in London, Ontario to buy a few novels that I wanted to read.  I have a list of about 20 books that I am interested in.  At the store, they have computer stations (kiosks) set up in various locations.  These are search engines.  Type in the title and the computer will show if the book is in stock or whether it needs to be ordered.  Of the 20 or so titles I typed in, only two showed up as “in stock”.  Of the two, only one could be located.  Boo hoo.  Well I bought the one they had.  When I got home I turned to Amazon and ordered three additional novels.  I figured that I would use Amazon, rather than order them thru Indigo Books.  This was Saturday.  The books arrived today.


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Another novel to read

Today I started reading another novel.  My son, Cory, recommended this book. I bought it last year at Barnes and Noble in McAllen, Texas.  But I am just now getting to it.  

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