Winding down

Today is Boxing Day. The day after Christmas. I am up early, as usual. It is Sunday. I am sitting in my big comfortable chair. Drinking my first coffee of the morning. Beside me, on the table is my Bluetooth speaker. I am listening to ECHOES, a syndicated radio show carried on some NPR radio stations. I am listening to it on WCMU, an NPR station broadcasting from Central Michigan University. They broadcast ECHOES each Saturday and Sunday morning from 6 to 8 am (EST). I access radio stations using the Tune-In app on my iPhone. My two favourite stations are WCMU (Mt. Pleasant, Michigan) and KRVS (University of Louisiana, Lafayette).

I usually read whatever novel i am working on when i first get up. I am nearly finished reading THE NIGHT WATCHMAN by Louise Erdrich. The book was the winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 2021. The story is about the lives of a group (right word?) of native americans and their lives. Well-written.

I generally read between 8-12 novels a year. There are so many books that I should read, and at 73 years of age, i am running out of time. But i don’t choose my novels strategically. Maybe i should. But other than Pulitizer Prize Winners, I choose my novels in a rather serendipitous manner. At this time, i do not know what i will read next. Something will strike my fancy, though.

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Visit to Quinta Mazatlan to experience Illumina.

Thursday evening, we went to Quinta Mazatlan, along with 3 other couples from the park. We brought subway sandwiches to eat prior to our 7 pm entrance time. It takes about an hour to get there from our park. So, once there, we sat in the car and ate. The event runs from 6 to 9:30 pm., with 125 people allowed in every 15 minutes, for a 1 hour visit. Our tickets were for a 7 pm entrance. Everything went smoothly. But we stayed for 2 hours (no penalty). What a great event. Food, music and performers, lots of lighted installations. Thoroughly enjoyable.

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Just under a month

That is how long we have been back in Texas. And the time has just flown by. After being away for a year and a half, not a lot has changed in the park. We have been doing a lot of cleaning and organizing since arriving. And cleaning it needed. We had an infestation of flour weevils. When we left (somewhat hurriedly) due to the pandemic, we did not empty our cupboards as we usually do. There were dead flour weevils everywhere. We had people check on our place while we were gone and when they told us about the weevils, we arranged to have the place fumigated. Killed the weevils. And we had to clean up all the dead weevils when we got here. And the siding outside was very dirty. Today we had someone here to high pressure wash the place. Last week, we took the golf cart to the wash bay. Got it all cleaned up. Interestingly, batteries were fine. no problem starting it when we arrived.

This might be the last year we drive down. Looking at flying down in the future. Buying a second hand car and leave it here. That is what friends of ours do. So we will see.

Carol has already attended a Christmas Card class to make a number of cards. We have been visiting friends here. Catching up. Renewing friendships. The park is far from being full. But now that U.S. Thanksgiving is over, more people are arriving. And then after Christmas, even more will be arriving. But will the park be reaching the typical level of 850 sites filled? Time will tell. Carol has resumed her role as an instructor in the stained glass building. And she is going to yoga class twice a week. We made a trip to Costco and stocked up on the staples.

I called a meeting of the people who are volunteering to see that the bird feeders in the bird garden behind the filled each morning. We put together a schedule. And yesterday, one of the volunteers and I took a chain saw, lopers and a 12 foot ladder to the garden and basically gave it a haircut. A lot more light is getting in now and we will be thinning out some of the plants more and planting some additional ones. Lots of butterflies around, too, besides the birds. And speaking of birds. I got a life bird shortly after arriving. A SOCIAL FLYCATCHER. This species is common in Mexico, Central America and South America. But it is only the 4th record of this species in the U.S. It was first spotted on the University campus in Brownsville, and it is still being seen there. People have flocked to the campus to see this bird and add it to their list. There was another unusual bird seen not far from our place. (only about 20 minutes from here). A FORK-TAILED FLYCATCHER. I have seen this specie twice before. But it is still a good one.

We have been to two Friday night dances in the dance hall. Not many people at the dances yet. Should pick up, though.

Due to the Canadian border not being open to auto travel into the states until November 8th, we could not get to attend much of the Rio Grande Valley Birding Festival. Just managed to slip in on the last day of the festival.

Carol and I are also volunteering to take the park train out for evening tours twice a month. A one hour trip around the park. I am the engineer and Carol is the conductor. Music playing on the train and everyone has a good time looking at all the places in the park. People come out of the homes to wave at the train as we go by.

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checking my blog

having some trouble with it.

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