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having some trouble with it.

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Started a new book this afternoon.

My son, Cory and his family, sent a couple of books to me for Christmas. Today I am starting one of them.

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This winter we remained in Ontario

It was not that we had much choice. The border between Canada and the United States was locked down to ordinary back and forth travel. Only essential workers were allowed to cross over. Flight travel between the U.S. and Canada was allowed to continue, but quarantining was required. The last 8 winters, we have spent in southern Texas. So this was a change for us. But as it turned out, those that went to Texas and those that live there permanently, had some very unpleasant circumstances in February when a COLD COLD front plunged the state into a freeze-up. Power outages, propane, water and food shortages and high gasoline prices made life difficult. This coupled with the covid pandemic made us glad that we remained in Ontario.

The vaccination roll-up in Canada is way behind the roll-out in the states. We have had mandatory lock-downs and colour-coded (yellow, red, etc) areas of what was allowed in terms of store openings. Just this week, here in Middlesex County, we can now once again visit the dentist, get a haircut or go to restaurant. Masking is still mandatory.

I have been watching and tracking the birds coming to my feeders. Using eBird. What a great tool. And easy to use.

This is the first year of a five-year tracking of birds in Ontario. The Breeding Bird Atlas of Ontario. This is the third atlas. It comes around every 25 years. Volunteers track the breeding status of all the birds they can locate in specific 10 km squares. I have volunteered to track two such squares. Spring and early summer will be keeping me busy on the atlas. Should be fun.

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interesting quote from the book i am reading

“…the differences between a butterfly and moth are that most butterflies fly by the day, most moths do not; most butterflies have bright colours, most moths do not; most butterflies have distinctly clubbed antennae, most moths do not; most butterflies rest with their wings clapped above their bodies, most moths do not. At the same time, most moths have rather hairy bodies, most butterflies do not; most moths have hooks linking their forewings and their hindwings; most butterflies do not.”

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